Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Gay Equality Rally Held in Kentucky Capitol

February 20, 2008 -- Two gay rights groups lobbied lawmakers yesterday and held a rally in the Capitol Rotunda in opposition to the proposed ban on domestic-partner benefits.

The state Senate passed the bill (SB-112) in January. The bills fate now lies in the House of Representatives.

The groups also supported House Bill 33 filed by state Representative Mary Lou Marzian (D) Louisville, which is currently in the House Health and Welfare Committee for consideration.

"It's great that our legislatures are seeing that there is a huge LGBT presence in the commonwealth demanding equality and fairness under Kentucky law," stated Jordan Palmer, President of the Kentucky Equality Federation, a statewide gay rights organization. Palmer added, "Every Kentuckian should feel embarrassed that we have a Senate who wants to micromanage public universities, and kills every bill filed to protect LGBT Kentuckians from discrimination in employment, credit, and accommodations."

After lobbying lawmakers, a rally was held in the Capitol Rotunda where spectators drew inspiration from Kentucky Senator Ernesto Scorsone, Representative Kathy W. Stein, and a local Pastor.

The University of Kentucky, whose domestic-partner benefits program was attacked by the state Senate was represented by UK Gay-Straight Alliance Chairwoman Corinne Keel.

"For the first time in the history of the Gay Rights Movement in Kentucky, we are able to show that gay Kentuckians exist in every region of the commonwealth, and they deserve the same rights and protections as their heterosexual counterparts," stated Paul Brown, Chairman of Bluegrass Fairness of Central Kentucky, a Lexington gay rights group.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Kentucky and Indiana Equality Rally this week.

Two statewide gay rights organizations in the Midwest will be having important battles at respective Capitol's this week to fight for equality:

  • Kentucky Equality Rally: February 12, 2008 (click here for additional information). According to their website, Kentucky Equality Federation will be joined by local city organizations, Bluegrass Fairness of Central Kentucky (Lexington) and the Fairness Campaign (Louisville).
  • Indiana Equality Rally: February 18, 2008 (click here for additional information)

The most important work is being done by the statewide organizations, and not the Human Rights Campaign.

Support gay rights and equality. If you live in or near these states, support these organizations.