Thursday, May 22, 2008

National marriage-equality organization praises U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy and warns printed media and bloggers "don't count him out yet."

Marriage Equality USA Says U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy is a Strong Man, and a Fighter

Thank God someone finally said it, I mean how rude is it to be talking about replacing a senior U.S. Senator before we even know what his treatment options will be yet!

Look at Elizabeth Edwards, she's been living with cancer for years! U.S. Senator Kennedy has been a major supporter of the LGBT community, and for same-sex marriage!

Marriage Equality USA was also deeply touched by the appearance of Elizabeth Edwards on CNN's "Larry King Live" on Wednesday.

Marriage Equality USA strongly agrees with the statement of Elizabeth Edwards that "we shouldn't be writing anybody's obituary." Many media outlets and blogger around the country have been speculating about who will replace U.S. Senator Kennedy which Marriage Equality USA considers disrespectful.

"Marriage Equality USA sends our thoughts and prayers to U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy and his family. We know Senator Kennedy is a real fighter because he has been one of the gay community's strongest advocates. He has been a leader in our fight for the freedom to marry and his support has been unwavering on this civil rights issue. Senator Kennedy is our hero and friend and our hearts go out to him." - Marriage Equality USA President David Janis-Kitzmiller

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