Sunday, July 19, 2009

Marriage Equality Kentucky begins collecting pro-gay marriage signatures

Marriage Equality Kentucky is launching a campaign to collect signatures for marriage equality in Kentucky.

From the website:

The Marriage Equality Kentucky Marriage Declaration is a proclamation that marriage is a basic constitutional right that should be extended to all people. Currently, the Commonwealth of Kentucky will not recognize any type of same-sex union. Marriage, domestic partnerships, and civil unions are all illegal in Kentucky (even if performed in other countries or states).

In 2004*, voters in the Commonwealth approved Constitutional Amendment 233A. Visit the history page for additional information.
According to published reports, between 78.2% - 84% of Kentucky's lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender population didn't even know a Constitutional Amendment banning same-sex marriage was being voted on.

* Kentucky Equality Federation was started in 2005, and Marriage Equality Kentucky was launched in 2008.

Kentucky's Constitution does not allow citizens to propose Constitutional Amendments by direct action (as in California, Maine, and many others). In Kentucky, the House and Senate must approve the amendment and the citizens then approve or reject the amendment in the next general election.


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